LLHA General Membership Meeting   Sunday 7/3/08         LLJC
Meeting called to order by acting President Vince Pagano at 12:15 PM.
Vince stated that we do have a quorum.
Peter Lax moved to accept the minutes of the last general membership meeting of July, 2007. Seconded by Joe LeMay. Passed.
Vince acknowledges thanks to Loon Lake Jewish Center for the generous use of their facility.
Vince acknowledges thanks to all who have worked and volunteered for all the activities of LLHA for this past year.
President’s Report  attached as follows:
Loon Lake Homeowners’ Association (LLHOA) at 12:00 Noon on Sunday July 13. 2008 at The Jewish Center


President’s Report (Vince Pagano)


LLHOA services are related to the preservation and maintenance our Lake water quality and quality of the surrounding environment; and the enhancement of enjoyment of lake living.


 To this end the Loon Lake volunteers (LLHOA Board of Directors, cleanup crews, picnic workers, picnic food providers, maintenance workers, etc)

have accomplished the following in the past, including 2007-2008


 Water Quality Monitoring.

·        Conducted yearly by the Adirondack Watershed Institute at Paul Smith’s College with the help of volunteers, including our own (George and Shirley Bayliss, Stuart Lucks, and others), testing for pH, alkalinity, calcium, phosphorus, nitrates, chlorophyll-a, transparency, [1]chloride, conductivity, color, aluminum[2], and oxygen. Over the past 10 years the quality has improved significantly. The results of the 2007 tests indicate that our lake is classified as an oligotrophic lake; i.e., a lake that has “low levels of phosphorus, and as a consequence, low levels of chlorophyll-a and high transparencies.” pH (acidity) is satisfactory. Alkalinity values indicate that Loon Lake has a low sensitivity to acidification. Calcium values suggest that Loon Lake may not be at all sensitive to acidification.  Conductivity tests indicated that dissolved minerals were in the normal range. Color tests indicate that the content of metallic ions and organic acids are in the satisfactory range. Dissolved oxygen levels for the 2000-2004 period was found to be sufficient for survival for both cold and warm water fish.

·        Volunteers ( Stan Unger et al) helped in the conduction E Coli and Coliform tests that have been performed in the past. These tests will be again performed later this summer.

Attendance at Water Testing Conferences.

Monitoring for Presence of Invasive Species.

Preparation and Submission of a Grant Proposal for Boat Launch Attendees.

·                          Proposal prepared and submitted by Keith Silliman. It was not funded; however we are actively seeking funding for this purpose.                                                                                                                                                                                 





Monitoring Loon Golf Loon Lake-related Activities.



Lake access/Deeded Rights.

·        Lake Access at the Boat Launch on Blue Spruce Drive and on Garden Road is allowed only to homeowners with deeded lake rights.  It is not available to the general public. Therefore, for the protection of Loon Lake’s waters and to minimize boat traffic, it behooves LLHOA to control Lake Entry. In this connection in the past, LLHOA had locked the gate at the boat launch and issued keys to selected individuals; however, the mechanism in place failed to provide immediate access to those who had rightful access. Consequently, the practice was discontinued.

·        LLHOA Board Elected to Revisit the Issue of Restricted Access. At a recent Board meeting, the Directors voted to take another look at locking the gate, but have yet not taken any action.

·        Disappointed Homeowners Circulate Petition. In an attempt to expedite The Board’s action to control access via locking the gate and issuing keys, Bob and Sam Mensink are circulating a petition requesting that the Board lock the gate and issue keys to homeowners with deeded rights.



Monitoring Activities of Local Government.

·        Periodic Checking of Town of Franklin Website and attendance at Town Board Meetings.


Participation in Town of Franklin Activities Beneficial to Loon Lake.


Loon Lake Mountain Fire Tower Restoration.

Communication with Members.

Hosting of Loon Lake Social, Entertainment, Informational, and Fun Activities.

Dissemination of Beneficial Educational Information.


·        Strongly Emphasizing that Homeowners and Homeowners who rent out their camps  make sure that boats that have been out of the lake be disinfected and washed prior to launching!


LLHOA Board of Directors Meetings.

Loon Lake T-Shirts.



What’s next?  LLHOA Board Members plan to continue the above captioned activities with a strong emphasis on pursuing issues concerned about Lake Contamination via formation of appropriate committees. LLHOA is you, the homeowner, who has a vested interest in maintaining the quality of life at the Lake. Please be receptive to continuing your cooperation with the Board’s tireless efforts by doing your part in some small way. Thank you for all you have done so far!


Vince read the petition presented by Bob and Sam Mensink to lock the boat launch gate, for the protection of the waters of Loon Lake from invasive plant species as follows:

WHEREAS, the undersigned are holders of deeded access to the waters of Loon Lake, Franklin County; New York; and

WHEREAS, the undersigned wish to ensure, to the extent feasible, the high quality of the waters of Loon Lake; and

WHEREAS, the undersigned believe that among other possible measures to achieve the objective of maintaining high water quality, is to prevent the introduction of contaminants, including, but not limited to, milfoil, from entering Loon Lake, via waterborne vessels, which vessels have also been used in other water bodies where such contaminants may be present;

NOW THERFORE, the undersigned request that the Loon Lake Homeowners Association as the governing body controlling waterborne vessel access to Loon Lake take the following measures at the earliest possible time, but no later than July 30, 2008:

1. Install a padlock, having a non reproducible key at the gate to the boat launch site at Blue Spruce Drive, and at such other locations, as may be mutually agreed, so as to prevent the unauthorized launching of waterborne vessels in Loon Lake.

2. Provide a key to such padlock to each holder of deeded water access at a cost of $5.00 each, or such other cost as may be mutually agreed.

3. Make all reasonable efforts to ensure that such padlock is continually secured during the boating season, which efforts shall be overseen by three or four designated individuals as appointed by the Loon Lake Homeowners Association. The undersigned acknowledge that the cooperation of the key holders will be essential to ensure that the objectives of this initiative are successfully implemented, as well.

4. As a further consideration, the Association is requested to consider the installation of a boat washing station near the Boat launch, the location to be chose so as not to allow the spent wash water from directly entering the Lake. The implementation of such boat wash station to be implemented by a method agreed by the Association.

HAVING READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE CONTENTS HEREOF, AND IN SUPPORT OF SAME, we affix our signatures as of the date noted below:

SIGNJ\TURE                               DATE                               

The petition was voted and strongly passed. Vince called for volunteers to form a committee to implement the locking of the boat launch gate, and to implement a method of distributing keys to those with lake rights. The following members offered to volunteer: Tom Bartiss, Charlie Dalch, Dan Martino, Bob Weigold, Bob Mensink, Neil Miller, Jerry Bowers, and Jeff Richardson. 
With concern for the speed of large boats on the lake, it was reported that the speed limit buoy has disappeared from the channel in the lake narrows. Bob Weigold reported that he has recovered the buoy, and it is in need of repair, including a chain and anchor. It was agreed that the LLHA will fund the repair and re-installation of the buoy for the narrows.
Treasurer’s Report – presented by Vince in Diane’s absence. Savings as of 6/19/08, $4132.60 and checking as of 6/9/08, $1756.53. The expenses of the past year were itemized as follows:

. Loon Lake Homeowners Association July 13, 2008 Treasurers Report Diane Castrovinci 891-2625, 891-7200

Savings: $4,132.60 - June 19, 2008

Checking: $1,756.53 - July 9, 2008

Over 80 members in 2007

20 paid members as of 7/09/08

Expenses 2007 Since 2007 Annual Meeting:

2007 picnic $381.80

2007 postage $41.00

2007 new checks $55.10

2007 Moira LeMay attended Paul Smiths Water Conference $90.00

Expenses 2008:

July 2008 Postmaster for mail box $54

July 2008 Printing for Water Quality Report and Dues Sheets $50.09

July 2008 for 2007 Water Testing $130

July 2008 Harleysville Insurance $400

Donations 2008:

Bloomingdale Fire Department $100

Loon Lake Live $80

St. Paul's Food Pantry $80

Loon Program $75.00

Vince reported the upcoming Town of Franklin, Town wide property assessment. Bob Weigold is a data collector for the Town of Harrietstown, and is expected to be a data collector for the Town of Franklin. Bob explained this will entail an updating of the ‘data card’ on each property in the Town; specifically the size of the lot, and size of any buildings on the lot, # of bedrooms, # of fireplaces, and # of bathrooms.

Attachment of Town Minutes:

Assessor Tichenor reviewed his plans for the 2009 assessment update and the terms of the proposed contract with Briggs Appraisal Service:


a. Briggs Appraisal Service. Mr. Tichenor distributed copies of the contract with Briggs for data collection in the Town of Franklin.

(1). Data collection will be take place during the summer of 2008. Mr. Tichenor is the sole assessor for the Town of Harrietstown which also has already signed the contract with Briggs. From the pool of trained data collectors, one will visit properties in the Town of Franklin. The data collectors will be contracted labor of the Briggs, and the Town will pay Briggs from the $15,000 budgeted amount for data collection.

2). Site visit defined. The data collector will visit the 1,000 residential properties in the Town. Mr. Tichenor will visit the vacant parcels. The data collector will actually walk the property, knock on the door of the residence, and if no one is at home, will leave a tag on the door handle with contact information. The collector will perform outdoor measurements and if not invited inside, will estimate indoor measurements. The property owner should contact the Assessor for follow-up. Mr. Tichenor emphasized that he will be spot-checking the data collector(s). The object of the data collection is to verify that the Town's current property data is correct. If a property is posted "no trespassing", the data collector will not enter the property and will estimate measurements. Assessor Tichenor wants to gather all information on properties that might affect the property's value.

2. VALUATION OF COLLECTED DATA. Once the data is collected he will send taxpayers a request for data verification and then perform valuation work. Mr. Tichenor will be receiving instruction and assistance from Briggs in the valuation portion of the assessment update using the NYS RPS assessment software. Another public information mailing will be sent with proposed assessment values and an invitation to discuss same with Mr. Tichenor.

3. OPPORTUNITIES FOR PUBLIC DISCUSSION. Following public information sessions and information mailings, the tentative assessment roll will be published on May 1, 2009 and then Grievance Day will be the 1st Tuesday in June. Mr. Tichenor emphasized there will be many opportunities for taxpayers to discuss their assessments with him prior to Grievance Day.

o Coun. Berg asked what specifics affect the value of the property.

·                               Mr. Tichenor said he looks at the style of the house, whether it is in prime or poor condition, and physical characteristics a€" whether it has a cellar or finished basement, as well as the grade of construction materials. He added sometimes he values out buildings, but not always. Assessors value properties at "current use" a€" appraisers value properties at "highest and best use".

o              Coun. Kretser questioned whether a single data collector could gather information on 1,000 residential properties in the time allotted. He said his biggest concern was that the data collection would incomplete and the Town would not get its money's worth. He also expressed concern that the Town of Franklin's assessments would be raised in order to "balance out" rates in Harrietstown, Brighton and Santa Clara a€" other towns in the Saranac Lake Central School District.

·                               Mr. Tichenor replied it was important to start gathering information as soon as possible. Time is of the essence, as training for data collectors takes about 1 week. He emphasized he would be spot-checking the data collector's results.

o              Coun. Berg inquired whether the Board would be introduced to the data collector.

Yes, Mr. Tichenor answered, at a public information session.

o Coun. Kretser asked whether aerial photography would be used.

·                      Mr. Tichenor said yes, he uses a website with aerial photography, but not Briggs.

o Supv. Keith asked if photographs would be taken.

• Yes, and a digital camera has been ordered for that purpose.

o How will subdivisions be valued?

·                      If a subdivision application has been filed with APA, then the property can be valued at "highest and best use"; however, if a property owner has not filed a subdivision application on a large number of acres, then it would be valued as "current use" .

• 0 Coun. Smalley commented that property owners are concerned that the assessment on their properties will be increased.

o    Coun. Ordway noted the importance of taxpayers communicating with the Assessor to discuss their assessments.

Mr. Tichenor then distributed copies of the contract with Briggs Appraisal Service and requested the Board approve it.

Motion for resolution approving terms of contract with Briggs Appraisal (M.Keith-J:Ordway m/s/p) ALL AYE

RESOLUTION NO. 22: ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT FOR DATA COLLECTION WITH BRIGGS APPRAISAL NOT TO EXCEED $15,000 AND AUTHORIZE SUPERVISOR TO SIGN WHEREAS, an assessment update will be performed in 2009; and WHEREAS, the Town's assessment data must also be reviewed and revised; and WHERAS, upon the recommendation of the Assessor for the Town a contract for data collection has been negotiated with Briggs Appraisal Service not to exceed $15,000; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the terms and conditions of the contract with Briggs Appraisal Service is hereby accepted and the Supervisor is authorized to execute same.


Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith Councilperson Janet Ordway Councilman Allen Berg Councilman Clifford Smalley Councilman Walter Kretser



Vince described the strongest defense in a grievance proceeding of an increased assessment is a certified appraisal of your property. Sam Gewurz questioned if a number of home owners wanted, as a group, to hire a real estate appraiser for a certified appraisal of properties, considering the impending Town wide assessment of properties.
Vince asked Jenifer Dalch to discuss the Annual Picnic. The picnic will be Sunday, July 27, 2008, at ‘The Beach’. There is a sign up sheet at this meeting, for each member to identify how many people they will have attend the picnic, and what prepared dishes they will bring for the meal.
Vince moved, per the LLHA By-Laws, to increase the size of the Board from nine to ten members. Second by Barb Miller; All approved.
Election of Board Members to fill expiring terms. The proposed slate is Jenifer Dalch, Joe LeMay, Stuart Lucks, and Vince Pagano. Bob Mensink moved to accept the proposed  slate. Approved by show of hands.
There was a request from the membership, for future meetings, to announce the proposed slate of Board Members, in a newsletter, well prior to the General Membership Meeting.
To communicate with the Board directly:
Mailing address;
PO Box 219
Vermontville, NY 12989
Vince’s email:  vincepagano@hughes.net
The LLHA web site is www.LoonLakeHOA.org   created by Scott Muller
Vince explained the ADK Cooperative Loon Program
A member announced that bushes were cut at the water’s edge of ‘The Beach’. She questioned if this should have been done. It was questioned whether this had been done on the LLHA ‘clean up day’.
Vince introduced the Guest Speaker – member George Waddy to discuss the lake bottom and interesting finds from the lake bottom.
Clyde Yarnell announced today’s first annual kid’s kayak race with four contestants.
Barb Miller moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Bob Weigold. Meeting adjourned at 2:05 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Neil Miler, Secretary.

Neil Miller
Saranac Lake, NY

Saranac Lake -
-Norm Crampton's "100 Best Small Towns in America" selection as 11th best small town in America, and best small town in New York State
-Selected as an All America City in the 1998 National Competition
-Selected by Men's Journal '99 as among "America's 25 Coolest Mountain Towns"
-Selected by Men's Journal 3/02 as among "America's 50 Best Places to Live"


[1] Chloride test not performed in 2007 because of a lack of a site visit by AWI staff.

[2] Test for aluminum and oxygen not tested in 2008 due to technical reasons.