Race results:


The Loon Lake 1st Annual Canoe/Kayak Race for residents was held Sunday July 13 at 9:30 a.m.  Paddlers faced windy and rainy conditions.  The race course started at the beach and consisted of two loops to and around the island with the tall trees.  Thanks to Lucaís dad for volunteering to offer his boat as the safety vessel. 

Here are the winners by category:


Luca Diadul                 28:45                         C-1 Menís canoe

Campbell Veasey         29:55                         K-1 Menís kayak

Carlen Veasey             41:52                          C-1 Menís Rec. canoe

Rose Bartiss                  47:53                        C-1 Womenís canoe


Congratulations to all who attended.  Hope to see more contestants next year! 


Clyde and Carol Yarnell

4 Par Drive

Loon Lake