Loon Lake Moon on Water

The haunting call of a lonely loon roused me from sleep and beckoned to show me the marvel the night had prepared. I peered out my window and discovered the wonder of a big silver-white ball hanging in the lighted sky above. The air was bathed in white.

The shimmering lake mirrored a moon that looked like the point of a gigantic magic wand placed on the enchanted water. Dazzling waves of silver light broke through the waterís surface and danced by with a mesmerizing rhythmic cadence. I became transfixed. My soul was awakened to the magnificent joys of being part of a night untouched by TV commercials, breaking news reports, and raucous water craft motors.

Then the splendor waned as the moon started to play hide and seek with the silvery clouds, but I lingered in reverie to know I had reached out into Natureís cathedral to feel Godís waiting hand.


Vincent T. Pagano 5/31/02 Copyright © 2007