Loon Lake September



September is a special time for us Ė itís the month in which we both were born. Itís a time when we feel most alive and in tune with Godís creation. Maples and white birch are beginning to trade green for red and yellow, while interposed pines, spruce, and fir sit cozily on a soft carpet of fallen needles and cones. The sunís warm glow tempers the chilly mornings. Berries are ripe and dwindling. The spectrum of white, yellow, orange, blue, and lavender wildflowers is beginning to narrow. Chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and loons seem more at ease now that the busy summer has past. The evenings invite talks around a campfire which lingers after twilight into the night. We gaze at the sky, say good night to the stars, and thank God for another magical day

Vincent T. Pagano (9/4/1997) Copyright © 2006