Loon Lake Homeowners’ Association – Midsummer Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Please don't forget, the Loon Lake Homeowners' Association picnic is Sunday August 5th, starting at 1 PM at the Beach. Loon Lake Live! will play, and we may have a visit from Nina Schoch, with the Adirondack Loon Restoration Project. Vince Pagano will be accepting dues ($30) for those who have not yet paid. Please bring a salad or dessert to share; hot dogs and soda will be provided. Don Pearson is cooking again this year; Marilyn Wechsler is coordinating the picnic. Please check in with her to see what you can bring.

Please welcome our new Board members-- Tom Bartiss, Joe LeMay and Chuck Reyes. Please also thank Maura LeMay and Stuart Lucks for their service on the Board.

We had a Board meeting earlier today and elected officers to three year terms, as follows:

President: Keith Silliman
Vice President: Vince Pagano
Secretary: Neil Miller
Treasurer: Diane Castrovinci

Yesterday, a group of five Association members met at the Boat Launch to repair the sagging, listing dock. Thanks in large part to the ingenuity of Tom Bartiss, the repairs were made in about an hour. The dock is again level, but now sits a bit closer to the water. We also cleaned up the launch site and beach area. Thanks to Bob Weigold for his input, and also to the work crew: Tom Castrovinci, Tom Bartiss, Chuck Reyes and Jeff Dionne-Dicksen.

In the near future, we will be scheduling another work party for Association Members to clean up the Garden Road Lake access site. This will involve cutting and chipping brush, removing accumulated trash, and possibly realigning the boulders. All in all, this will take about 3-4 hours if we have at least 5 people working. If interested, please call me at the number below (leave a message if you do not reach me).

At the annual meeting we had a presentation about the restoration of the Loon Lake Mountain fire tower and formed a committee to consider how best to involve the Association in this effort. Committee members are, Siggi Maurice, Ptty Cogswell, Bob Weigold, Maura LeMay and Tom Bartiss. We hopefully can discuss this more at the picnic.

At the moment, we have 40 paid members (we had 38 after the picnic last year, and 55, as of last October). If you have not paid your dues, please do so! Bring your dues to the picnic, or mail a check payable to tht Loon Lake Homeowner's Association, P.O. Box 219, Loon Lake, NY 12989. Thank you.

Our Treasurer reports that we have $4,111.02 in our Savings Account, and $ 1,611.52 in the checking account ( we have not yet paid for the picnic) We are also continuing the tradition of making contributions to Loon Lake Live!, the Bloomingdale Fire Department, and the St. Paul Food Pantry.

A couple of Lake residents are training for the 90 mile Adirondack Canoe Classic, held the weekend after Labor day. The race includes several land carries betweeen lakes and rivers. If you are driving down Route 26 and you see someone running up the road, carrying a canoe over their head, don't be insulted if your offer to give them a lift is declined.

The week after our picnic is when the annual Loon census is taken in the Adirondacks. We normally have a resident pair. To date this year we haven't noticed any chicks. Note however, there are often other Loons on the Lake. This morning around 6:30 AM, there were 7 spotted: 2 in Molasses Bay, 4 over near Mensink Road, and 1 at the other end of the lake, near the undeveloped southeast shore.

Hope we will see you next Sunday.

Keith Silliman, President

Loon Lake Homeowner’s Association