Hiking to Crusher Mountain

Height: 2100' ascent: 400' difficulty:easy

This is a simple 20 minute hike with a great view of the lake and nearby mountains. It is easy ascent for children and older folks. An easy hike rewarded with a great view!

Walk down Route 26 to the northernmost point in the lake where Route 26 (old Route 99) bears to the right and Mud Pond Road (aka Mensink Road) goes off to the left. On the right of Route 26 there is a small field, in the rear of which there is a tree line that, if you look carefully, has a break marked by a ribbon. Enter through this opening and inside the path to Crusher Mountain is well marked and obvious. Near the top, you will bear to the rightaround a rock face to climb around it. There is a nice rock outcropping at the top with a clear view of Loon Lake.

Download Topo Map of Crusher Mountain

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