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History of Loon Lake

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Historical Photos and Documents From the Karl Smith Collection

Historical Photos and Postcards of the Loon Lake House

Loon Lake History Authored by Karl Smith III

Chronology of Major Loon Lake Events by Karl Smith III

Historical Map of Loon Lake

Presidents who Vacationed at Loon Lake

"Mrs. Harrison's Temporary Home" NY Times Article 1892

Historical Photos and Documents From the Ungar Family Collection

Loon Lake History Lecture by Maitland DeSormo (Author of Heydays of the Adirondacks)

Photo Postcards of the Loon Lake House

Photos of the Loon Lake House 1879-1993

Brochure from the Loon Lake House

"President Harrison at Loon Lake" NY Times Article Septemnber 9, 1892

"First Lady Leaves Loon Lake" NY Times Article Septemnber 21, 1892

"Railroad Extension in the Adirondacks" NY Times Article July 12, 1888

"Adirondacks on Fire" NY Times Article May 1, 1903

"Snow Checks Adirondack Forest Fires" NY Times Article May 2, 1903

"Local Antiquer with Cupola Wants House to Put Under It" Article

"Loon Lake Inn Golf Course and Leo Collins Interview" Article July 14, 1984

"Loon Lake Golf Course and Zeke Obituary" Article

"Route 99" by Wendy Ungar Adirondac Magazine May/June, 1996

Historical Photos Generously Donated to the Loon Lake HOA by Martin Zone

Historical Political Cartoons of the Adirondacks (circa 1880's)

History of Old 99: A Collection of Columns by Wendy Ungar Recounting Historical Events In and Around Loon Lake From the Loon Lake Homeowners Association Newsletter

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