Hiking to Lookout Mountain

Height: 2703' ascent: 990' difficulty:moderate

(Note: Keith Silliman reports that this land has not been opened by the DEC and the land containing the hiking trail to Lookout Mountain is leased to the Loon Lake Beaver Lodge Club. The land is posted and it is recommended that hikers seek permission before entering this property to avoid trespassing.)

(Note 2: This property has recently been cut for timber and there is considerable brush and debris on the early portion of the path as you leave the dirt road. It is somewhat difficult to find the marked path.)

Walk down Route 26 to Bass Lake Road (main paved entrance to this U shaped road). Go to the end of the paved road and follow the dirt road a few hundred feet until road makes a sharp turn left and becomes narrower. Just before the sharp left turn, look on your right and you will see a clump of small trees with blue-markers - that is the start of the trail - it's open and weedy and doesn't look like a trail, but once you get into the woods you'll see the blue markers continue. After a few hundred yards the trail ends at a jeep trail - turn right and follow the jeep trail for about 0.5 mile (very approximate).

The jeep-trail goes through a wet boggy beaver-dam area. Several hundred feet after the wet area look carefully for blue markers and the start of a trail on your left. Some blue markers are painted on rocks in the middle of the jeep trail - fairly obvious. This is the trail leading up Lookout Mountain. The trail is quite well marked (blue, orange and yellow markers at times). About halfway up the trail you will cross a rock outcropping to the right. This is a good view and resting area.

Further up the trail you will come to a rock face. At this first rock face, follow the blue markings to the right. Further up the trail, there is a second rock face. You are near the top. Blue markings go right, orange tape goes to the left. The orange trail to the left is purportedly the safer ascent. At the top there is a treeless rock surface with great views of Loon Lake and other mountains.

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