Loon Lake Homeowners’ Association – Fall Newsletter

Hello, all!

Well, September was an absolutely fantastic month at the Lake. The weather, colors, everything was perfect. It really could not have been nicer.

A lot has been going on with the Loon Lake Homeowner’s Association. At last count, we have 72 members, our highest number yet! We are working hard to update our records, including email addresses. In fact, for some of you, this may be your first e-mail newsletter.

We still need email addresses for the following members: Cohen, Keill, Lichenstein, Long, Schuchat, Soslau, Switzer, Burton, Chalupovitsch, Gilmore, Korn, Sheard, Sizing, and Pope. If you have the email address for any of these members, please forward it to me.

Thanks to Scott Muller (of “So Inclined” on Route 26 at Molasses Corner) we hope to have a Loon Lake Homeowners’ Association Web Page up and running this Winter. Scott is donating his time and expertise to this endeavor. The Board is very excited about this development.

We are proceeding to explore how best to participate in the rehabilitation and restoration of the Loon Lake Mountain Firetower. Most likely, the Association would assist in the development of a “Friends of Loon Lake Mountain Firetower” group to undertake this work. We have been talking to Bill Starr who specializes in this type of work, Sean Reynolds of the Department of Environmental Conservation and David Petrelli, who initiated this effort and spoke at our annual meeting. We hope to move quickly on this so that some of the restoration work can be done (by you!) next Summer.

Next Spring we hope to have our first catch and release fishing contest for members of the Association. Most likely, it will just after Bass Season opens in June, so that we can introduce the winners at our annual meeting. Jack Bacque (Blue Spruce Drive) is coordinating this event. More details will follow.

Next Summer we are thinking about having a kayak race, possibly around the annual meeting or picnic. Clyde Yarnell (“Packers Roost” on Par Drive) is coordinating this event. If you see Clyde, congratulate him on his third place finish in the 90 mile Adirondack Canoe Classic. Clyde paddled a tandem kayak and overcame a serious tumble on one of the carries.

We are also thinking about having a history night, next Summer. Please think about interesting fact concerning the history of your camp, and start assembling historical photographs. This idea is still in its infancy, but has a lot of potential. Diane Castrovinci (“Near Oak” on Horsehead Point) and Vince Pagano (“the old Hogan farmhouse” on Route 26) are working on this.

I have asked our Board Members to provide a brief description of themselves, their family and their camp, to introduce them to you, our members. First up, Stan Ungar, Len Wisse and Tom Bartiss.

Stan Ungar: My wife Goldie and I are now retired and are presently living in Toronto, Ontario. We have been summer residents of Loon Lake since 1960. I have served the LLHA in many capacities for a number of years. I have found my background as a scientist and founder and CEO of a medical ultrasound manufacturing company to have provide excellent insights in problem solving and in interfacing with people. Our 110 year old camp at Loon Lake is at 10 Loon Lake Terrace, sometimes known as 1 of the 3 Sisters and where we are visited by our sons and their families from Vancouver and Toronto as well as by our daughter from Toronto who has just completed construction of her log cabin home on Route 26.

Leonard Wisse: My wife Ruth and I have a camp on the lake just beyond Garden Road. We, and our three children (who spent just about every summer of their "growing up" years at the Lake) , have been coming to Loon Lake since the middle '60's, and this very special place, and our neighbors and friends there are very dear to all of us. We moved from Montreal to Cambridge, MA where we now live in the "off season."

Tom Bartiss: My wife Rose and I live on Pine Grove Lane in the former Dabolt Garage. I have my own business called Woods Edge Forestry in which I manage forested properties, perform lower impact logging, clear lots and driveways, and offer consultation regarding trees and building site layout within wooded areas. My wife and I own lot 5 on Par Drive. We canoe once in a while and enjoy the lakes aesthetics and peacefulness. I offered to be on the board to help preserve this and to help find solutions to current and future problems within Loon Lake and its community.

As Fall progresses and we get into the Winter Season, we will continue to keep you posted with occasional emails. If you have learn of anything of general interest to the Association pertaining to the Loon Lake area, please drop me an email, and I will distribute it on to our email list. Hopefully, soon, we will also be able to post such items to our webpage.

Keep in touch.

Keith Silliman, President

Loon Lake Homeowner’s Association