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Membership in the Loon Lake Homeowners Association

Loon Lake Homeowners Association Officers

Vice President
Patty Cogswell
Craig Johnstone
Brenda Gewurz
Jeff Pearson
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2022 Membership in the Loon Lake Homeowners Association - Renew or Join Today!

There are now two ways to pay your Loon Lake Homeowers' Association dues and make contributions to special funds:
- Water qualty and invasive aquatic species fund
- Funding to pay for a lake steward
- Funding for much needed improvements to Beach A (main beach)
- Funding to defray the HOA costs for the swim float

Print the membership renewal form and mail to the address on the form;
Renew online and pay with PayPal.

Click Here to Print Your 2022 Membership Renewal Form Here and Mail Today!

Pay with Paypal!

Pay your 2022 Membership dues, increased this year, but still a reasonable $75!
Donation to Special Loon Lake Homeowners Association Funds
Amount of Donation to Fund
Donation to Which Loon Lake HOA Fund?
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